Microelectronics fabrication facilities vibration measurement

2 buildings consisting of a 5-story building and a 2-story building were installed with sensitive machines, which fabricate the microelectronics components such as external hard drives. Those require a free-vibration condition. Thus, 70 locations of machine vibration were measured. In each location, vibration in all three axes including two horizontal directions (X, Y) and one […]

Building vibration caused by machines operation

Large machine operations can cause vibration to the supporting platforms as well as the sheltering structures. Vibration is measured, and evaluation is made accordingly. In an example case of this, undertaken by RE, when the machines in the premises started operating, strong vibration was observed in the sheltering structure, and large deformation was visualized in long-slender steel columns. The reason was found to be an accidentally matching between machine vibration frequency and 1st natural frequency of the columns. Resonance therefore occurred.