Load Carrying Capacity Testing

Load Carrying Capacity Testing (Load Testing) is an approach used to assess the strength of a given structure by means of real-load installation. Our Load Testing can assess vertical load capacity which is normally affected by the weight of the structure itself and items on the structural layers, and can also assess load capacity as affected by various forces including tension force, compression force and pull-out force. During the test, the deformations of the tested structure will be monitored.

Load application shall be performed in incremental steps (at least 4 steps) where the tested structure is monitored closely to prevent catastrophic failure. Load testing can be conducted with various types of structures, ranging from floor slabs, beams, roof trusses and roof frames. The applied load could be sand bags, cement bags, bricks, water (barrels or ponds), and concrete blocks (for high load intensity testing).

Aside from structural testing under gravity load by mass over the area, we also provide other types of load including distributed line load and horizontal point load based on customers’ demands.

Examples of Load testing projects

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