Load Carrying Capacity Testing

Load Carrying Capacity Testing (Load Testing) is the approach to verify the strength of structures by the installation of real load. The deformations of structures are monitored and the linear elastic response with minimum permanent deformation are expected from sound structures. This approach is the best way to ensure that structures will carry the expected load.

Load application shall be performed in incremental steps (at least 4 steps) where the tested structure is monitored closely to prevent catastrophic failure Load testing can be conducted in various type of structures, ranging from floor slab, beam, roof truss, roof frame, etc. The applied load could be sand bags, cement bags, bricks, water (barrels or pond), and also concrete blocks (for the high load intensity testing).

Aside from structural testing under gravity load by mass over the area, we are also capable of providing other types of load, for example distributed line load, horizontal point load, etc. on customer’s demand.

Example Load testing project

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