Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is widely applied to various types of infrastructures including high-rise buildings, bridges and tunnels. It is used to detect damage in the structure, determine damage locations, identify types of damage and assess the severity of damage.   Damages can result from various phenomena such as construction faults, temperature changes, vibrations induced by machines insides buildings, vibration induced from nearby traffic, wind, fires, severe accidents from vehicles or earthquakes.

Equipment for SHM includes accelerometers, displacement transducers, thermocouples, strain gauges, semiconductor gauges, concrete crack gauges. Real-time measurement is needed, and both short-term monitoring and long-term monitoring can be used. SHM will help to enable the reparation process if urgently needed, preventing the structures from experiencing higher levels of damage. The SHM includes:

Concrete Crack Monitoring

Settlement Monitoring

Tensile Testing in External Structural Tender Boxes in External Segmental Box Girder

High rise health monitoring

Bridge health monitoring