Established by Dr. Punchet Thammarak on July 28th, 2011, Resolution Engineering Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and innovative company with a registered capital of 4 million Thai Baht. Our primary objective is to provide advanced, seamless, and professional structural engineering services. We specialize in a diverse range of areas, including testing, instrumentation, monitoring, safety evaluation, and consulting, catering to the unique needs of both public and private sectors.

With a keen focus on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Resolution Engineering embraces the latest tools and methodologies in the field. This dedication allows us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. As a result, we have built enduring relationships within the industry and earned a reputation for reliability, integrity, and excellence.

The breadth of our expertise is evident in the impressive array of structures that have been part of our past projects. From low-rise to high-rise buildings, petrochemical storage tanks with dimensions reaching 70 m in diameter and 25 m in height, to cable-stayed bridges boasting the longest main span of 500 m, Resolution Engineering has successfully tackled projects spanning overpass bridges, elevated ways, silos (with the largest size being 3,200 metric tons), airports, marine ports, and tunnels. This diverse portfolio showcases our versatility in addressing the complexities of various engineering structures.

The scope of services offered by Resolution Engineering Co., Ltd. is extensive and goes beyond conventional structural engineering. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in services such as structural damage or collapse root-cause investigation and identification (structural failure analysis), reversed engineering for buildings, structural specimen or prototype construction and instrumentation, full-scale physical specimen testing, structural health monitoring (for bridges and buildings), aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, as well as LiDAR scanning for geometrical anomaly identification. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges posed by each project, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking partner in the field of structural engineering.