Post tensioning Slab Load Testing

A building under construction experienced cracks on its post-tensioned slab. The structural capacity was questionable for a designed live load of 400 kg/m2 and a super imposed dead load of 250 kg/m2. Thus, a load test was conducted to determine the actual floor capacity.

Slab on ground Load Testing

RE conducted a load test on a ground slab in a factory on Suksawat road, Samut Prakan. In the design point of view, a ground slab is normally designed using the linear spring distribution support assumption. However, in reality, a ground slab often experiences nonlinear behavior. The slab on ground load test project was deemed necessary when there was a plan for new production line machines to be installed.

Load Carrying Capacity Testing

Load Carrying Capacity Testing (Load Testing) is the approach to verify the strength of structures by the installation of real load. The deformations of structures are monitored and the linear elastic response with minimum permanent deformation are expected from sound structures. This approach is the best way to ensure that structures will carry the expected load.

Pile location detection

One very common problem is that the drawing or evidence of the floor pile layout or location is missing. As a result, a thorough floor capacity analysis cannot be done. Load carrying capacity also cannot be verified. When dealing with one of these cases, RE team conducted the Non-Destructive Pile Detection on the concrete floor of a factory in the Bangpa-In Industrial Estate.

Concrete Coring Test

Concrete Coring Test 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Concrete Coring Test is the most effective assessment of the compressive strength of concrete. The concrete sample at the site will be cored using a coring machine and then tested in the laboratory. The test yields high accuracy. However, it must be noted here that […]

Structural Assessment

Structural Assessment Service 1 2 3 4 5 Structural assessment includes Visual Inspection Test Settlement Survey Damage Mapping Rebound Hammer Test Concrete Coring Test Ferro Scan Test (Rebar Scan) Hardness Test Steel Tensile Test Corrosion Test Pull-out and Shear Test Carbonation Test Parallel Seismic Test Pile Integrity Test Foundation Survey Pile Location Detection Void inside […]

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