Pile location detection

A very common problem is that, the drawing or evidence of floor pile layout or location is missing. Thus, floor capacity analysis can not be done. Load carrying capacity also can not be verified. Thus, in this specific case,  RE team conducted “Nondestructive pile detection” on the concrete floor of a factory in Bangpa-in industrial estate. This factory was built quite long ago and pile location & layout no longer exists. By mean of seismic wave generated from drop hammer and received by accelerometers via dynamic data logging system, acceleration record was analyzed and pile location was pointed out.

Concrete Coring Test

Concrete Coring Test 1 2 3 4 5 6 Concrete coring test is the most effective method to test compressive strength of concrete. The concrete sample will be cored by coring machine from testing position and then tested in labatory. The result by this method is high accuracy. However, the weakness of coring test is […]

Pull out and shear load test on anchor bolt in situ

Pull out test is one of method to inspect anchor’s carrying load capacity. This test focus on determine tensile strength capacity. Tested load will be applied parallel direction to anchor by hydraulic pump with load measuring system. Displacement of tested anchor is measured by displacement transducer which shows real time information.
Another kind of anchor’s carrying load capacity called “Shearing test”. This test focuses on shear capacity of tested anchor. Tested load will be applied perpendicular direction to anchor by hydraulic pump with load measuring system. Displacement transducer is also installed to measure displacement.
Both Pull out test and Shearing test is the best way to verify that anchor system able to resist load capacity without failure as designed.