Ferroscan test

Ferro Scan test and covermeter

The Ferro Scan Test or Electromagnetic Cover Measurement is one of the non-destructive tests used to determine the positions and the quantity of reinforcement steel inside concrete members. This test can be used to inspect old buildings which do not have structural drawings or may only have outdated drawings which may not include any later renovations. The Ferro Scan Test can be used to determine the current positions and the quantity of reinforcement steel in concrete members, the data of which can be further used to determine the load carrying capacity of the structures.

The Ferro Scan Test operates on the principle of the electromagnetic field. The emitter head releases an electromagnetic field, and when the emitter head is placed closer to any reinforcement area, the reinforcement bar with induction properties will disturb the electromagnetic field. Thus, the area where the electromagnetic field is shown to be disturbed can represent the location of the reinforcement steel.