Load carrying capacity analysis

Load carrying capacity analysis is used to determine the capacity of the analyzed members, structures to know whether or not it can carry the given loading condition or how much load it can withstand. This situation is mostly applied when the design info is missing, uncertainty in design or construction. Besides, with the passage of time, buildings conditions change, load carrying capacity is uncertain for a new load purpose, arrangement, renovation and so on.

Due to the reasons that demolition of old building and construction of a new building are very costly, and time consuming. As a result, the renovation of existing buildings (Renovate) has been increasing rapidly. Thus, the usage purpose is also changed, such as switching from commercial buildings to hotels. From the home to office, etc., or large machines will be placed on. Thus, to be safe, the load capacity analysis is indeed needed. 

Analysis is commonly done via Hand calculation, Spreadsheet, Finite Element Method (FEM) .