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Structural Assessment Service

Structural assessment is primary method to verify strength and stability of building or infrastructure. There are many project, for example, renovating project, which gather more structural information such as compressive strenght, rebar position. Those information are important in design process.

Structural Health Monitoring Service

Structural Health Monitoring & Evaluation is used to track and give an overall conditions of structural health for managerial and strategic decision.

load test,

Load Testing Service

Load Carrying Capacity Testing (Load Testing) is the approach to verify the strength of structures by the installation of real load. The deformations of structures are monitored and the linear elastic response with minimum permanent deformation are expected from sound structures. This approach is the best way to ensure that structures will carry the expected load.

Load Carrying Capacity Analysis Service

This is service for verifying load carrying capacity of structural members such as slab, beam and column. Service load adjustment is main reason involving this test. Some situation, there are need to prove that existing structure can be resist load.

Structural Vibrations & Dynamics / Earthquake Engineering Service

This technique is suit for large structures, e.g. high-rise buildings and long-span bridges, of which vibration signal can be detected clearly. Since the stiffness to mass ratios of these structures are quite low, they exhibit long vibration period (low frequency) characteristic which requires a special type of accelerometer in the measurement. This approach does not require the real load application since the ambient vibration response will be measured (response to random vibration) and it is suitable for structural performance check.