Post tensioning Slab Load Testing

A building under construction experiences cracks on its posttensioned slab, structural capacity was doubted for a designed live load of 400 kg/m2 and a super imposed dead load of 250 kg/m2. Thus, an agreement for a load test was made and conducted to determine floor actual capacity.

Slab on ground Load Testing

A ground slab in a factory at Suksawat road, Samut prakan has been tested by load testing. In design point of view, slab on ground is normally designed by linear spring distribution support assumption. However, In real situation, slab on ground experiences nonlinear behavior. There are many inconsistent factors such as temperature,  water absorption, ground depth, and soil component. Their factors affect to support behavior in each area of slab uncertainly.

Steel roof structure load testing

The roof structure was insufficient for a new ceiling load requirement in accordance to FEM analysis, thus, strengthening solution was provided, and load test was carried out lately to verify the safety of the structure since its very important meeting room of an international organization. As a result, the strengthened roof is satisfactory the new load system. Water barrels were used as load application to the roof, dynamic data logging system was used to capture displacement of critical members.

Factory floor load testing for new heavy machine installation

Resotion engineering team operated load tesing in one factory in Bangpa-in industrial estate. The factory have to install new heavy machine so they required to check floor capacity before. This load testing used 100 kg concrete cube for applying load 6 tons per square  meter (total load 22 tons). Measurement system collected deflection data by 9 dial gauges and 3 displacement transducers.