Vibration transmission from production line to microelectronic-inspection equipment

Vibration severity from production line to nearby microelectronic-inspection equipment

A calibration & measurement room locates right next to the microelectronic production line of the same floor of a factory in Bang Pa-in industrial estate. Thus, vibration associated with the production line was suspected to be transmitted to the microelectronic-inspection equipment inside the calibration & measurement room and caused the inaccuracy of these sensitive equipment's results. Vibration measurement was then conducted at the production line, inside the measurement room, and also on the sensitive equipment to justify the transmission of vibration from production line to the inner of measurement room, the ratio of outside and inside the measurement room vibrations was determined, and also the isolation factor/ratio from measurement room floor to the equipment via equipment's base isolation. Thereafter, conclusions were drawn accordingly for the vibration transmission, isolation and problem solving.