Visual inspection

Visual Inspection Test

Basic technique for building assessment

Visual inspection is the oldest and most basic non-destructive testing method to assess structure condition or member damage condition.

Problems associated with this technique are: cracks are observed; buildings or members under damaged with unknown condition. Propagation or development of cracks, damage is questionable. Thus, visual inspection is needed

Output for this technique is listed below:

  1. Construction defects such as porosity in concrete, surface condition of concrete, etc.
  2. Cracks, where the propagation direction, length and size of cracks, can be attributed to the occurrence and extent of damage. Crack causes and level of damage will be given as well as solutions will be drawn for further consideration.
  3. Decomposition of concrete by various factors, often found in concrete that is affected by the chemical, salt water etc.
  4. Distortion or movement of the structure.
  5. Loss of concrete surface by erosion.
  6. Failure of the filler material
  7. Leakage of water
  8. Slipping of concrete

Structural inspection work is performed in conjunction with structural damage mapping, evaluating which will provide an overview of damages, their locations and their levels.